August 12, 2011

Welcome to Beachcombers at 121 Main Street Wooli...

Beachcombers at 121 Main Street Wooli is a haven for artists, bird watchers, fishermen & families… stay & surf, snorkel, walk the seemingly endless Wooli beach littered with driftwood & shells discarded by mermaids ;) catch your evening meal fishing from one of the cleanest rivers in Australia, or just grab a private picnic spot, prawns & fresh oysters shucked at the seafood co-op daily, a bottle of wine from the Wooli Hotel & someone you love & sit by the river as the sun sets embracing the magic that is Wooli.
Unit 3 (3 bedroom - 2 bathroom huge upstairs unit) & Unit 2 & Unit 3 (both compact 2 bedroom 1 bathroom downstairs units) are available for weekends or weeks. Beachcombers 121 Main St Wooli is comfortable, affordable accommodation to stay while you explore paradise.

Now... you know that feeling when you discover something wondrous, some 'special' place, that bubble of excitement? Experiencing that fine line between wanting to shout out so everyone can hear & only whispering to those nearest & dearest so your Eden doesn't change, it remains the way you found it, a beautiful spot, a simple oasis in a fast paced out of control world? Well, Wooli is it... set on a peninsular wedged between that spectacular Wooli Wooli (yep, so good they named it twice) river & the Pacific Ocean's edge, bordered by Yuraygir National Park brimming with Aussie flora & fauna, it's paradise found :) 
Holidays the way they used to be... come enjoy Beachcombers... Wooli & all it has to offer awaits :) Here's a little sample.

What you should know... anyone looking for the Versace or a Hilton, please don't even think about coming here... Jeeze Louise, it's affordable because there's no smicked on service, there's no gym, actually though there is a Jim... not sure if the pub or bowlo have french champers either, but they (& the Kiosk) all have tasty food, not Michelin, more like Burgers, Pizzas, a touch of A La Carte, Chinese & all served with a smile (well mostly)  ;) Seafood too, fresh from the boat, if you don't want to drop in a line yourself!

If you are wanting a great location & clean, comfortable spot... try Beachcombers... it's easy walking distance to grab takeaway or eat in at the Kiosk, read daily papers & magazines sipping expresso coffee at the cafe (yes, a great coffee is available), a dinner at Harry's Chinese with the kids is a delight, maybe betting & Bingo at the Bowlo, fresh seafood at the co-op for a more romantic picnic escape, mail your postcards at the post office. Walk a little further (or take a bike) & you have the Wooli Hotel with pool tables & bottle shop, Beauty Salon for pampering from Kelly, fresh meat from the local Butcher (if you don't win a meat tray that is) groceries from the Mini Market & a Petrol station to fill up before you go explore the Yuraygir National Park... oh yes I should mention that scuba divers from around the world dive at the Solitary Islands Marine Park off the coast of Wooli too.

OK, Check out Upstairs Unit 3... very comfortable & very spacious with lots of room to spread out...
Beachcombers 121 Main Street Wooli is not river or beachfront (one house back from the beach & 2 from the river) so the views of the river upstairs are partial (more like glimpses) but you can wander across the road & up the access pathway and be blown away by the spectacular beach, or catch the early morning sun as you read a paper & the evening sunset on the decks after a days activities, look, truth is, you can unwind & enjoy all Wooli has to offer from Beachcombers, we love it & hope you enjoy it too!

Have a look at the downstairs compact Units 1 & 2
All attempts are to make your stay as pleasant & memorable as possible at Beachcombers so If for any reason you or something in the unit needs attention please don't hesitate to get in touch straight away with Margy on 0428549711 or any of the gang at Clarence Holiday Coast 02 6649 7000 or email office as they look after the units & bookings & want you to enjoy your stay... truly... because simply, if you love it you'll come back & visit again :) 

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  1. Wow, this is lovely! It's 35 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City; I would give half my left leg to be part in this pictures. What a beautiful place. I bet after just one stay, people go home happy and giggling without provocation ;-)


Thanks for dropping by & hope you get to experience the magic of Wooli & perhaps a stay at Beachcombers while you explore the surrounding National Park, beaches, river and all the little village has to offer :)