August 17, 2012

The Ultimate Sports Event?

Any thrillseekers wanting to enjoy the ULTIMATE experience of Goanna Pulling (watching or partaking) Beachcombers Wooli have vacancy (it's true) the cheapest accommodation outside of a flophouse (but much cleaner) see for yourself at the links on the side of this page :)
I'm so proud I have 2 followers so far - bless their cotton socks), if you've made it this far you can follow too, I hope to bump our audience up to 3... maybe 4 followers within the next few months ;)
or like us on Facebook and you can get a look at what the locals do each October too (you won't find this event anywhere else in the world)...

It truly is paradise and Kevin (my bro-in-law) says the Honey Pepper Pork Chops at Harry's in the Wooli Bowlo is worth the trip (he drives 8 hours just for the opportunity, well that & to win a meat-tray at the Friday night raffle)... me, I prefer the oysters plucked from the river & shucked while you wait at the Fish co-op :) Oh and there's half price meals at the pub one night a week & deals at the Kiosk if you don't feel like bar-b-queing a few snags at sunset down by the river mouth.

Anyway, if you're more into nature than casinos (I'm a bit of a 50/50 girl on that front), chilling with the family with a cricket ball & bat, picnic & good book rather than hitting theme-parks, well... experience the quiet delights of Wooli...

Goanna pulling is optional ;)

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